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Kings Of Leon - Revelry.

What a night for a dance
You know I'm a dancing machine
With the fire in my bones
And the sweet taste of kerosene
I get lost in the night
So high don't wanna come down
To face the loss
Of the good thing that I have found

Woo hoo hoooo
Woo hoo hoooo

In the dark of the night
I can hear you callin' my name
With the hardest of hearts
I still feel full of pain
So I drink and I smoke
And I ask If you're ever around
Even though it was me
Who drove us right in the ground

See the time we shared
It was precious to me
But all the while
I was dreamin' of revelry

Gonna run baby run
Like a stream down a mountainside
With the wind in my back
I wont ever even bat an eye
Just know it was you all along
That had a hold of my heart
But the demon and me
Were the best of friends from the start

So the time we shared it
Was precious to me
All the while
I was dreamin' of revelry

Dreamin' of revelry

And I told myself,
Oh the way you go
It rained so hard,
It felt like snow
Everything came tumbling down on me
In the back of the woods,
It was dark as night
Palest pale,
Of the old moonlight
Everything just felt so incomplete

Dreamin' of revelry
Dreamin' of revelry
Dreamin' of revelry
Dreamin' of revelry


the word of the day

envy |ˈenvē|
noun ( pl. -vies)
a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck : she felt a twinge of envy for the people on board.
• ( the envy of) a person or thing that inspires such a feeling : their national health service is the envy of many in Europe.
verb ( -vies, -vied) [ trans. ]
desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to (someone else) : he envied people who did not have to work on weekends | [with two objs. ] I envy Jane her happiness.
• desire for oneself (something possessed or enjoyed by another) : a lifestyle that most of us would envy.
envier |ˈenvēər| |ˈɛnviər| noun
ORIGIN Middle English (also in the sense [hostility, enmity] ): from Old French envie (noun), envier (verb), from Latin invidia, from invidere ‘regard maliciously, grudge,’ from in- ‘into’ + videre ‘to see.’

p.s. why can't everybody accept the reality and just fucking get along.


my magical weekend

i think the week is turning out better than i had hoped for, i feel happy and i am not sure what the hell it is. did the holiday work? was it my night out last saturday? was it the facial that may have readjusted my bank balance? haha... yes nisha and i went for an amazing facial, by that i mean we may have fallen asleep with our mouths open, snoring. and as predicted when i walked out of the room, there was an array of beauty products lined up on the table to magically transform me into angelina jolie, all costing slightly over a grand but ahh haaa i had a plan... a plan i had worked out in my head minutes before entering sothy's. one where i claim i can only know if the product doesn't agitate my skin after a couple of days so i can't make any purchases until then... then she comes with a plan that tops the plan i had in my head... the "package" plan... bitch. and i didn't know what else to say but "YES!" when i could have easily said... what i had originally said... but i couldn't, the facial was good and i would save a hundred bucks. damn it (by this time of course, nisha was sold and spent a fair bit on the magical products they put out for her that would make her look better than ms jolie and was waiting patiently for me)... . so yes, i have a clean face, i am a grand short and i am happy.
p.s. congratulations han vi and kai xin, it was truly amazing to see how happy you both looked!
**note, i took three miserable photos at the wedding cause i was too busy having fun. haha.